Essence of Japanese meals is based on 5 basic tastes; sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce and miso. With skills of experienced Japanese chefs, this 5 basic tastes have turned into 5 basic flavors in Japanese meals.


These basic flavors are sweet, sour, salty, hot and spicy just like Turkish cuisine. So, “ITSUMI”, the name of our restaurant is derived from these 5 basic Japanese tastes. 


We intended to open a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese foods and hold to for a long time by being loyal to these traditional flavors and without spoiling natural tastes of foods.


In line with this, we have opened ITSUMI in Turkey which is the crossing point of 5 continentals with the aim of combining tastes of 5 continentals and offering you. We are looking forward to see you in our restaurant to share these tastes.


Blazing a trail with contemporary Japanese design, ITSUMI goes down a bomb of both Japanese and Turkish guests by bringing Japanese culture and Turkish hospitality under one roof.

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İşkuleleri Kule 2 Giriş katı No:43, 4.Levent - İstanbul

Tel: (0212) 264 64 48